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Okay so I've been pretty terrible at continuing my features...but I have a half ass excuse for that....I GOT A JOB!

so yes, in between starting work, apartment hunting and all that good's been pretty hectic. But I really hope to get back on features once I settle into a rhythm of things.
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Well it's Tuesday again which means features! :D

iki kapili kesik by sakiryildirim Winter's Poetry. by perception-obscure see my soul? by lydiahansen

:thumb97436694: 1920's by iusedtobeacat Dare by iNeedChemicalX

Breakdown by Loga90 drawing restraint II by agnes-cecile Cenere by Blekotakra

Magic by sozesoze Premonition by hiimlucifer I n d i g o by free0ne

These are all such lovely, inspirational, gorgeous pieces.
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One of my goals is to spend more time showcasing work and I'm going to start Take A Look Tuesday.
So! Here's this week's features that I find particularly beautiful, interesting or need some more attention. Enjoy. :)

'till human voices wake us by yu-nomii The Boy Who Lived by Achen089 The Sadness by HyperionDreams
Just another sketch... by bauderart

Mature Content

136 by AmeliaPhotography

holi by anupjkat The Horror Puppet Show by PunkRockPrinc3ss punk is not dead by SiouxsieAndBanshees
:thumb95738447: fire. by CaitlinWorthington
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Wow it's been a long time since I've written a journal entry on here. A lot has changed since then. I've graduated from college with my art degree, I don't have the faintest clue as to what to what exactly I want to do with my life. My art has definitely changed a lot and I'm going back and cleaning up my gallery. sometimes I wish I could change my username too, I was 15 when I made it! I turn 21 next month which astounds me. Most of the time I still feel like I'm 17. Anyway I'm still on DA quite a bit, favouriting things and such and it's changed a lot. But one thing I hope to do is become a little more consistent in updating this journal. I hope everyone is well.


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4 years on deviantart....ouah.

I've taken to tumblring and browsing through typepography galleries....I smoke some things, drink some things, dream somethings...create somethings....I read somethings....

DA has changed a lot....I'm more interested in hunting through the different galleries for work that inspires me. I :heart: favouriting things.

Hope everyone is well.


11 JUNE 2010
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L'amour est comme un jeu,
un faux pas
et tu perds tout.

moi, je joue pour gagner.

échec, et mat.


a little poem that goes with a new piece coming soon!

I have been lucky enough to be featured Here, many thanks to Chibikitl. There is some inspiring work to be found and I encourage all of you to go and check it out.

still working on getting my own website up and running and toiling away on submissions and writing.

hope everyone is well :heart:
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Have I ever told you how much I enjoy favouriting art pieces on here?

Although many of my favourite artists have moved on, there is still some kick ass work out there. I fucking love favouriting.

Also: Featured here


The White Dress

I'm working on a series featuring girls in white dresses. must be a fixation or something.

Newest Feature
The Biggest Boy Feature</b>
<a href="…>Journal Feature
Poetry Illustration
<a href="…>Cool Photography

check it out! there are some stunning picturesa and portraits in these! :D
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Bloody hell it's been a long time since I've updated. As you can see I still submit work here every now and then but for the most part I'm on the downlow I suppose. first year of Uni finished a while back, came back from a holiday in Budapest and now I'm concentrating on constructing my own website for my photography. It's tedious and frustrating but it's almost there. I'll be posting the link soon. My FlickR is almost running account and seeing as I'm broke I'm not even going to bother busting my ass to pay for a Pro Account.

Treading on the note...I'm debating whether or not to make a few pieces on here available as prints, if anyone is interested or not. I'm thinking making a print for The Punk Rock Chronicles.

hope everyone is well.
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After a long time I'm scripting a few lines on here.

I must admit I don't come here very often anymore, many of my favourite artists who I found inspiration from have moved on and taken their work with them. Once in a while, I do run across some work that I end up liking very much. However DA doesn't hold the same appeal to me as it did when I was 15/16 to be honest. I'm at Uni now, and fervently wishing that I was done and out of school, cos I hate school with a mighty passion. I post most of my work on my FlickR and on my Ephotozine account so you can find me there. =]

However I'm not going to leave DA, cos I still enjoy browsing around once in while when I have the time when I'm not bogged down with stupid Uni work.

To all who comment, fave and view my work, thank you so much for your support and appreciation. It really means a lot to me even though I don't check in that often. But yes, thank you. :heart:
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Has anyone heard of the website or group titled Black Turtle Media? Someone from their group approached me and told me that they liked my style and invited me to their group etc. I've never heard of them nor know much about them. And whatever I've read up on the net on them it doesn't tell much. So I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. I don't want to join some scam group or whatever.

Any help is appreciated. :heart:

Other than that, I'm spending time at the beach and packing up my stuff in order to get ready to move to Uni in August.

hope you're all doing well.

P.S. for some odd reason the emotive mood icons won't load, I'm faaarrr from Euphoric. more like euphorically tired.
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anyone following the matches?

my entire family is, and we're all supporting a motely of teams, I show my love for the Italians, Spanish and all the East European Teams, particularly Poland!

Tonight's match is going to be AMAZING, it's the Italians vs the Dutch and I hope the Dutch get the beating of a lifetime!

anyone else a football fanatic? :D

other than that, holiday's are pretty boring atm, been entertaining myself by cooking and art. Have several projects planned out for the photography section but not sure where to start as of now. you can see some of it on my Flickr

peace, love and rock and fucking roll my pretties.
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so we'll see where I end up going!



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guess whose done with high school?



Today was the last day of term, FINALLY!

can't believe it's done!

now all that's left is to charge through the final IB exams...



hope all of you guys are well!

love, peace and rock and fucking roll mates.
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I don't know how many of my watchers read these thingies or whatever but I thought I ought to update it. Still waiting to hear back from two more Uni's in the States before making my final decisions I have about 5 and half weeks left till my final IB exams and finishing off high school! Really excited for that cos that means I can return to my photography properly. I plan on creating a new project, titled "The Punk Rock Chronicles" which is inspired from my first two photographs of my shoes and belts. It's something that I CAN'T wait to do.

Oh yeah and my art exhibition in school is next week two. Finally after two years of working towards it the moment is coming!

Thanks for all the fav's and watches reccently. It is greatly appreciated!

love, peace, and rock and fucking roll
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Damn, I haven't updated these things in forever. I hope anyone and everyone who stops and sees this page is doing well. I'm on holiday for two weeks and I'm going up to London for the weekend with a couple of mates. should be good.

other than,

waiting to hear back from Universities suck balls. hard.

bon journee
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Muse was fucking mind blowing last night.:D
It was a perfect way to end the holidays. and  I actually got some really good pictures. we were in the 5th fucking row. nothing gets better than that. :

-sighs adoringly over a picture of the band- :heart:
they were amazing. they ARE amazing.

anyhoo, I'm flying back to France! :sarcasticlclap:

what have all of you been up to?
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:aww: Yes. I'm on vacation for three weeks in the US.
I feel like a tourist!

it's not all visiting mates and blahblahblah, it's also about university crap and schoolwork. :sarcasticclap:

hows everyone's summer going?
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This is what I've been up to lately. you can see most of it on Flickr

might be posting a few things now and then over here. I haven't left left, persay, but I'm def not going to be posting everything I do on here. probably only the final pieces I'm using to in my portfolio's to send off to the Universities. But I still log on everyday and hunt for new artists and check out new work, some of the best inspiration comes from here.

School's been let out. Summer 2007. your plans?

and I've been up to other random, pointless things of course. mostly school work and portfolio work.
other than that
I'm glad it's summer.

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we kicked your ass Manchester United.

:heart: Pirlo. Kaka.

Viva Italia.
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ever experienced a feeling that's so bad,

that it doesn't even have a name?

and that you feel like it's running through you, instead of the blood?

:depressed: :shrug:

just wondering.

new things on FlickR. I submit many more things there than on here, over here I have to remind myself that I only submit my favourites on here.

P.S. New avvie: bout time. you like? :iconxixkilledxsuicidex: